Aurecon Natural ear candles

Aurecon Natural ear candles

For ear care and hygiene

Excess earwax can be easily removed with the aid of the AURECON plus ear candles.
These candles are cotton tubes impregnated with a mixture of beeswax and paraffin. The heat created by the burning candle softens the accumulated cerumen and the resultant pressure draws it out through a chimney effect.
Aurecon natural ear candles have been developed for those who consider the ear contact with fabric to be more natural than with a plastic at the candle’s end. Specially developed inner safety filter guarantees easy and safe use.

1 pair

All original Aurecon natural ear candles are even today produced by hand, according to old recipe, using the best raw materials, that are regularly checked with the utmost care.
For Aurecon natural ear candles is exclusively used only the highest quality cotton, which does not contain pesticides.
Small variations in the length of ear candles are a sign of quality of the craftwork and a special mark of this sympathetic product.
More and more satisfied customers use Aurecon natural ear candles. We benefit from more than 15 years of experience in ear candles production and from standardly high quality and safety.

The treatment should be administered in both ears, one after another. During the application pressure in the whole area of the head and neck is balanced through the Eustachian tube.
We recommend performing the treatment once a month with a subsequent preventive treatment 3 days later.
This product is intended for those who want to clean their inner ear or who want to remove impedimental water from the ear after swimming. The candles may be beneficial to people working in dusty environments, and people suffering from pressure in the ears after air-travel or after stay in the mountains.

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