Aurecon drops Forte Junior

Aurecon drops Forte Junior

Natural ear drops to prevent ear inflammation

Aurecon drops Forte is intended for children from 6 months and it does not contain chemical additives. It may help in case of minor inflammation of the external auditory canal, middle ear and eardrum, especially in the initial stage.

It is composed of natural substances Рoils; lavender oil may reduce the unpleasant symptoms  and also provides protection against unwanted microorganisms.

10 ml

Aurecon drops Forte Junior:

  • facilitates and increases the effectiveness of ear cleaning,
  • reduces the accumulation of cerumen in the ear canal,
  • prevents the propagation of microorganisms,
  • has an antibacterial effect on mild ear inflammations of the external auditory canal,
  • may reduce the painful symptoms of inflammation of the middle ear and ear drum in early stages.

For prevention the use of the product is recommended once a week, in case of excessive ear wax production or mild inflammation use more frequently, as necessary.

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