Aurecon drops

Aurecon drops

For ear care and hygiene

The Aurecon ear drops:

  • facilitate and enhance the efficiency of ear cleaning,
  • prevent the build up of hardened earwax,
  • inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms,
  • only contains natural substances,
  • does not contain any chemical additives.

10 ml

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Insufficient care devoted to external ear hygiene may lead to the degradation of auditory canal, which may result not only in the reduction of sound transmission, but it can create favourable conditions for microorganisms which are the source of many health problems.
Aurecon drops improve and facilitate the cleaning of the external auditory canal by reducing excess earwax and making it easier to remove.

It is usually recommended to use the preparation once a week, however in case of excessive earwax the formulation can be used more frequently, as necessary.

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