Aurecon Dry Spray

Aurecon Dry Spray

Ear spray to remove water from the ear

Due to the physical properties of denatured alcohol present in the preparation, accelerates the evaporation of water from the ear and dries out the outer ear canal. The denatured alcohol removes excess moisture in few minutes, therefore it is an effective aid in the prevention of ear inflammation or infection.

50 ml

The preparation is also enriched with extracts of houseleek and aloe vera. Houseleek contains flavonoids, tannins, phenyl carboxylic acids and other active ingredients that decrease the inflammation processes, while its antioxidant properties help prevent the formation of harmful free radicals.
The aloe vera extract contains biologically active and valuable ingredients such as saponin, vegetable acids, vitamins, and anthraquinone. It will reduce inflammatory processes, has a soothing effect and relieves pain.

Apply Aurecon Dry spray after any contact with water, for example after swimming, bathing, showering.

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