Aurecon spray

Dead Sea solution with Aloe vera

AURECON ear spray – Dead Sea solution with Aloe vera is a natural, non-aggressive ionic solution, which decomposes earwax without irritating the eardrum or the external ear canal. It is specially designated for routine hygiene practice; serves as prevention against congestion of auditory canal with earwax and reduces excess earwax. 
AURECON ear spray contains active trace elements of sea origin. 
AURECON ear spray is a mild, safe and effective solution for ear hygiene. 

50 ml
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Usage of the solution is recommended in the following cases:
It substitutes the usage of cotton sticks. Improper usage of cotton sticks may harm the ear and may be the cause of earwax accumulation, 
It serves as a prevention against the inflammation of outer ear canal, 
The preparation is designed for all age groups, especially for elderly people, who usually suffer from so called dry earwax,
The preparation is suitable for people with hearing apparatuses, people working in dusty environment and people exposed to various changes in atmospheric pressure (divers, mountaineers, people working on or travelling by aeroplanes). 

Insert the AURECON ear spray applicator into the ear and apply 1-2 injections into each earhole 1-2 times a day holding the injector near ear entrance.
Lean your head slightly sidewards, thus ensuring inflow of the liquid into the ear.
Repeat the application if necessary.Rinse the adapter with tepid water after each usage.