Aurecon Spray Junior

Aurecon Spray Junior

For ear care and hygiene

Aurecon Junior Ear Spray is a natural solution containing plant extracts, recommended from age 3. This unique combination of plants has a beneficial effect on ear health and reduces the risk of possible inflammation. The Junior ear spray dilutes and dissolves earwax, eliminates dust and other impurities and prevents ear blockages.

30 ml

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Aurecon spray Junior is recommended in the following cases:

  • to prevent inflammation of the middle ear and runny nose,
  • as a substitute for cotton swabs, because¬†improper use of cotton swabs may harm the ear and cause earwax to build up in the acoustic duct canal,
  • to prevent external inflammation of the ear due to earwax becoming wet while swimming.
  • The preparation is intended for children over 3 years.

For prevention the use of the product is recommended once a week, in case of excessive ear wax production use more frequently, as necessary.
Apply Aurecon Junior spray after any contact with water, for example after swimming, bathing, showering.

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