Aurecon RingStop

Aurecon RingStop

Food supplement recommended for people with tinnitus

A food supplement containing herbal extracts, that combines the effects of circulatory enhancers, antioxidants, vitamins and sedatives in a single capsule.
Hops calms while vitamin B1 supports the nervous system. Ginkgo biloba is beneficial for mental functions, Vitamins B6 and C help maintain normal psychological function. Hops and Valerian encourage natural sleep.

30 capsules

Ringing noise in the ears is called tinnitus. The main causes are: exposure to noise, stress, high blood pressure, aging, harmful effects to the ears, hardening of auditory bones (otosclerosis) and damage of the auditory nerve. Ring stop contains those group of active ingredients which are essential for overcoming of tinnitus: antioxidants, sedatives, vitamins supporting the nervous system, herbs that make blood circulation better.

Recommended dosage: 2 x daily 1 capsule

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