Aurecon peroxide drops

Aurecon peroxide drops

Peroxide drops to help remove earwax

Aurecon peroxide ear drop is a clear, thick solution with a unique dual-action formula which softens caked-on earwax while gently releases oxygen, that facilitates the removal of earwax.
The drops contain 5% urea hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient that softens caked earwax, breaking it down into small pieces. These drops also contain sodium hydroxide and glycerol.

10 ml

Earwax is produced by tiny glands in the skin that covers the auditory canal. This process is important for keeping the ear clean and preventing infection.
However, some people get a large amount of wax in their ear, which builds up and causes earwax blockage. This can be unpleasant or painful and may cause dizziness. If not treated, it can lead to the deterioration of hearing.
Excessive earwax is common, though it can often be easily removed using the drops for cleaning wax out of the ear.

Use once or twice daily, approximately after 3-4 days symptoms should disappear.

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