VIROSTOP pastilles

VIROSTOP pastilles

in Citrus, Mint and Forest fruit flavors

fytofontana VIROSTOP pastilles are intended as a protective barrier against viruses causing inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Thanks to its rich content of polyphenols, the extract from Cistus creticus creates a protective film on the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

This protective barrier constitutes a physical (mechanical) defense against viruses and bacteria, preventing their penetration and further multiplication.



20 pastilles

Cold and flu are among the most common infectious respiratory tract diseases with significant overall symptoms. They start suddenly, so it’s important to intervene quickly and promptly. These diseases (including the common cold) are caused by viruses that are transmitted through infection via mucous membranes into the body, where they begin to rapidly multiply.

The main mechanism of action of the medical device fytofontana VIROSTOP pastilles lies in its ability to cover the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with a protective film, thereby preventing the penetration of viruses into the body.


Adults and children over 12 years old may suck on one pastille every 3-4 hours if necessary, but no more than 3 pastilles per day.

The pastilles are suitable for long-term preventive use. In case of higher risk of infection, you can use them up to 5x a day.

It is very important to use them in the evening before bedtime after brushing your teeth.

The pastilles are intended for sucking. Do not swallow the pastilles whole or chew them. Allow them to dissolve slowly in the mouth to achieve the desired effect.

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