Gyntima Lubricating Gel

Gyntima Lubricating Gel

Gyntima Lubricating Gel is especially designed for lubricating the mucous layer in the vagina. Active substances help to eliminate physiological problems arising from insufficient lubrication, increase lubricity and reduce the risk of occurrence of minor injuries to the vaginal mucosa. Antimicrobial substances limit the potential development of bacterial and yeast infections and panthenol soothes irritated areas

50 ml

Applying the gel is recommended to reduce unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse, to enhance the lubrication of condoms and to facilitate easier insertion of sanitary tampons or suppositories. Furthermore, the gel can be used during menopause when insufficient vaginal lubrication may occur.

Apply with the fingertips, as required around the vaginal opening or onto the condom (and/or onto the penis).

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