Gyntima Intimate whitening cream

Gyntima Intimate whitening cream

Intimate skincare

The Gyntima Whitening cream is specially developed for the lightening of intimate body parts. The combination of biotechnology peptides and plant substances gently brightens and nourishes the deeply pigmented genital and anal areas.

50 ml

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More information:
One of the main active ingredients is the biotechnologically produced peptide, tested in a laboratory environment, the oligoepeptide-34. In vitro studies indicated that oligopeptide-34 has more intense pigment whitening activity as other cosmetic ingredients, e.g. vitamin C and arbutin. This active ingredient is a result of a complex biochemical process with the contribution of brown melanin and enzyme tyrosinase. By blocking the activity of tyrosinase prevents the possibility of pigment formation. The examination of the morphology of melanocyte cells showed, that in the cells treated with this active substance, the size of the melanosomes containing melanin significantly decreased. This proves its pigment lightening effect.
The Boerrhavia diffusa extract comes from a plant, native to the Himalayas, that is rich in boeravinone, a pigment whitening active ingredient. In vitro studies have shown, that only after nine days, the tyrosinase enzyme required for melanin formation was reduced by 55%.
The product contains added panthenol (provitamin B5), vitamin E and calendula extract.
The panthenol (provitamin B5) has anti-inflammatory effect, it soothes the skin, while vitamin E contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin.
Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is a versatile herb, which active substances have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and soothing effects.

The correction mainly focuses on heavily pigmented areas – vagina, skin of labia, anus, armpits, nipples, penis and scrotum at males.
For a visible effect apply the product twice a day at least 2 months. The product can be used both for men and women.

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