Aloe Vera Spray

ALOE VERA SPRAY is designed to be used whenever is the skin extremely stressed or loaded, or when such a situation can be expected. It is comfortable during application, can be easily spread, colds, provides relief and refreshes especially after sunbathing. It helps to neutralize free radicals, originated from sunlight. Aloe Vera Spray effectively hydrates, regenerates, cleans and restores the skin to health. Aloe Vera Spray starts acting immediately, but the effect is long-lasting.

200 ml
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Aloe Vera spray:
contains a combination  of aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract, menthol and panthenol (vitamin B5),

  • immediate effect and long protection for the skin,
  • refreshes, cools and hydrates the skin and provides relief after sunbathing,
  • in case of minor injures heals and protects the skin,
  • calms the irritated skin after insect bites,
  • refreshes tired legs.

Apply the spray to selected area of skin from a distance of 25 cm. For the face only apply with eyes closed. Keep the preparation in the refrigerator in order to increase its refreshing effect.