The normal pH of the vagina is an essential condition for the protection of intimate areas; its balance is ensured by the beneficial bacteria and cells lining of the vaginal walls. Due to various influences, the natural balance of intimate flora may be disrupted, which can lead to unpleasant odour, dry feeling in the vagina, and infection may occur.

Healthy vaginal pH varies between 3.8 to 4.2 values, which is maintained by the continuous production of lactic acid. The main components of the vaginal secretion’s bacterial flora are the lactobacilli. The absence of vaginal lactobacilli predispose bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infection, and yeast infections. This disturbance can also increase the risk of infection by sexually transmitted diseases.

The main causes of vaginal imbalance:

  • Prolonged use of hormonal contraceptives (while taking hormonal preparations, the substances necessary for the production of lactic acid are much lower, it weakens the optimum balance of the vagina.)
  • The use of antibiotics (during treatment the number of lactobacilli significantly decreases, vaginal pH value increases, which leads to weakened protection.)
  • Perfumed soaps, shower gels, bubblebath
  • Washing underwear with strong laundry products

How can Gyntima help?

The clinical studies of Gyntima Probiotica suppositories with the involvement of 50 women proved that Gyntima suppositories can successfully maintain the optimal pH and biological balance of the vagina. Based on the reports of the participants, 88% of the women experienced reduction in their discomfort or the complete disappearance of their symptoms. Gyntima suppositories reduced the value of the vaginal pH, this change has been reflected after 48 hours and the effect was maintained in the following days. 

Gyntima Probiotica is recommended for long-term use, for prevention apply the suppositories twice a week and they will ensure your natural balance.