ViroStop nasal spray against flu

Complementary treatment for cold and allergic rhinitis, also serves to protect the dry mucous membranes. A special extract obtained from Cistus creticus contains polyphenols in a concentrated form, which enhances the effect of other components. Polyphenols provide chemical and physical defense, creating a so-called shield to prevent the penetration of bacteria and viruses into cells.

20 ml
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Effects of ViroStop nasal spray:

  • it forms a protective film on the mucosa, by that prevents the penetration of bacteria and viruses into the body. Cistus provides effective chemical-physical protection, making it suitable not only for treatment but also prevention,
  • it actively cleanses the nasal cavity,
  • it moistens the nasal mucosa to prevent dryness,
  • it helps to restore nasal functions and improves nasal breathing.

Start to use ViroStop nasal spray immediately at the first sign of cold / sneezing, dry sense of nasal mucosa/, before the disease develops. Also use if you are at risk of infection.
Dosage and application: 
The medical device is intended for adults and children over 6 years.
Preventively: Apply 1-2 times daily 1 spray in each nostril
In case of acute condition: 3 times daily 1 spray in each nostril