Hair Woman

Phyto-biotechnology hair anti-aging and hair growing serum

HAIR - Phyto-biotechnology hair anti-aging and hair growing serum is a combination of traditional plant extracts with the latest biotechnological active substances obtained by scientific methods. The compositions of the Hair Woman product was created based on the research of growth factors and biomimetic peptides, that currently are among the most efficient substances. Moreover, thanks to the nanocapsule technology (nanotechnology) it can effectively penetrate into the hair follicle cells and that way revitalizes the hair from the very base.

120 ml
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The peptides - octapeptide-2 and tripeptide-1 stimulate hair cells, which results in a healthier scalp and hair follicles. They join the hair cell receptors, which prevent the access of harmful substances. Among other impacts they activate the hair-growth signal inside the hair cell nuclei, ensure the process of angiogenesis, proliferate and differentiate hair stem cells, etc. Correct level of active peptides can stop hair loss and restore their growth to some degree. Active ingredients make the hair stronger and shinier. The formulation stimulates hair growth directly at the hair roots and increases the strength of the hair that further continues to grow.

A woman’s skin is different from a man’s skin due to physiological reasons. A differing action of hormones lies behind the fact that the skin of woman has a different composition of lipids on its surface (cholesterol, triglycerides, free fatty acids, wax esters and aqualens). Scientific workers of the Herb-Pharma AG company in Switzerland took these specificities into account, and developed two kinds of preparations, one for women and one for men. It is recommended that both men and women rather use different preparations, due to their different physiological properties.

Shake gently before using. Apply to the entire scalp and gently massage into skin with your fingertips. Do not rinse for the next 3 hours. Use every morning and evening for 90 days or until the desired effect is achieved. In order to maintain the achieved results, keep using the product once per day.