Aurecon spray Junior

Aurecon Junior ear spray is a natural preparation containing herbal extracts, which benefits have been known for centuries and experienced over many generations. This unique combination of medicinal herbs gently acts on the ear and reduces the possibility of inflammation. Aurecon Junior ear spray dilutes and dissolves earwax and helps the ear remove wax naturally. It eliminates excess earwax, dust and other impurities and prevents the ear from becoming blocked.

30 ml
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  • Usage

Aurecon spray Junior is recommended in the following cases:

  • To reduce possible inflammation of the middle ear and runny nose.
  • As a substitute for cotton swabs. Improper use of cotton swabs may harm the ear and cause earwax to build up in the acoustic duct canal.
  • To prevent external inflammation of the ear due to earwax becoming wet while swimming.

The preparation is intended for children under 3, and particularly for those who have “dry” earwax.

Place the Aurecon ear spray applicator in the child’s ear and spray 1-2 times into each ear hole, once to twice daily, holding down the spray injector as it enters the ear.
Lean the child’s head slightly to one side, allowing the liquid to flow into the ear.
Repeat if necessary.
Clean the applicator with warm water after each use.